The Undefeated Approach

The Undefeated brand was an idea from the mind of Yahya Thomas, a NCAA Wrestling All-American, Northwestern University graduate, and Kellogg Business School student. Undefeated initially started as an independent project to help monetize his own brand through his platform in athletics, built upon the idea of developing an "undefeated mindset": steadfast and unwavering against obstacles faced on the track to success. 

Throughout the development of the concept, Thomas quickly realized that an undefeated mindset isn’t a concept just for athletes. While it's seen most readily in the world of athletics, anyone who is experiencing challenges and stands unwavering in their conviction to complete their goals can stand tall under the banner of the undefeated mindset.

Thomas hopes that the brand will representative of a constant state of improvement and growth no matter the circumstances. Anyone in competitive environments knows that losses are inevitable, but striving and improving is what's important. With an undefeated mindset, every loss is another step on the road to victory.